Aluminium? Cool!

You’re about to start your working life. Maybe you’ve already found precisely the trade that suits you. But then comes the question: At what company do I want to do my apprenticeship? Aluminium is cool – even if it sometimes gets hot in our production plants. Because aluminium is in. There are more and more parts made of aluminium in cars, trucks and buses. Obviously, because in the end aluminium is light and that means less fuel consumption straight away. And thus less exhaust gases. So a cleaner environment. Future technologies like electric vehicles are practically inconceivable without aluminium. But many other industry sectors are relying on aluminium. In mechanical engineering, in plant engineering, in aerospace, you will find components in aluminium, just as in many consumer products. Many of them are from Martinrea Honsel. Actually, always when it comes down to top quality. Cool, or?

We can offer you an outstanding apprenticeship. Technical or commercial alike. We will equip you with the technical and social skills that make you fit for the job. In doing so, you will learn about Martinrea Honsel as a company across the entire bandwidth. Boredom will definitely not be an issue. Now it’s up to you. Find out the possibilities. Our information material will help you do that. Or talk to us directly. Show us that you and Honsel are a good fit.


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