If 5 or 50 kg: with the high pressure die casting process we produce high precision parts - shot by shot

Fully automatic processes, short cycle times and systems running around the clock are the attributes of modern die casting production. Fine microstructure, 100% good parts and a seamless history of the manufacturing process of every casting are the advantages of die casting production at Martinrea Honsel.

Our engineers and developers in the die casting area make sure that we can manufacture high numbers of engine blocks, or transmission housings, structural components and a lot more with especially fine microstructures. We use appropriate measures to counteract the normally coarser microstructures of high pressure die castings in comparison to sand and permanent mould casting, which are due to technical reasons.

The design of the casting die is decisive, if, for example, you want to mould 50 litres of liquid metal within a fraction of a second, and in doing so generate wall thicknesses of a few millimetres up to several centimetres, you really need to understand the processes going on in the material and in the die. With know-how and a lot of experience we engineer individual casting dies, which in geometric and material terms guarantee maximum cooling and thus a fine microstructure. Produced in our own die shop, casting dies from Martinrea Honsel guarantee optimum temperature management within the component, low shrinkage, low tendency to stick and outstanding surfaces. They maintain their dimensions for an especially long time, permit high shot numbers and are thus particularly economical.

The fully automatic monitoring of the manufacturing processes with integrated process data management makes the processes transparent, enables us to deliver 100% good parts to our customers and, even after years, permits precise tracking of how a component was created.

As a leading development partner for lightweight engineering solutions, we are constantly looking for innovative ideas in order to exploit materials still better and design processes to be still more efficient. The process-secure use of vacuum die casting for modern, heavily loaded engine blocks, or development of die casting processes with lost cores for more freedom in designing die cast parts, are merely two examples.

It goes without saying that we also make our know-how available to our customers as a pure engineering service. We take care of the casting design for components, develop the casting die or also design the processes within the customer’s own foundry operation.

With a high manufacturing depth up to assembly of ready-to-install modules, we are happy to meet the increasing customer need to outsource broad sections of the value chain to their suppliers.

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