Taking the initiative for a mobile future

Mobility is becoming ever more important, because our habitats are changing. And thus also the distances we as well as our goods need to cover. To work, to school, to leisure activities, on trips to other countries. Distribution and delivery in a global logistics process. All that means ever greater mileage. We are taking the initiative to ensure that mobility can grow in harmony with climate, environment and resources. With light engineering solutions for less fuel consumption, lower emissions and by helping to work on efficient powertrain concepts for the future.

Fossil fuels are becoming scarce, CO2 is harming our climate, noise is a nuisance affecting animals and people alike. Cars are not the sole cause of these problems. But they do have their share in them. As a supplier to the worldwide automotive industry, we take on the responsibility. We develop lightweight engineering solutions that make cars and trucks more environmentally friendly. Also thanks to technology from Martinrea Honsel, the latest vehicle models are already especially efficient. But that is not enough for us.

We are already today working on solutions that will be urgently needed for future powertrain concepts. For electric cars for example. With an electric car, less weight results directly in an increase in range. And that will partly decide whether electric vehicles will be able to assert themselves on the market.

Our commitment at Martinrea Honsel, by the way, also influences a vehicle’s total energy balance sheet. By regularly reviewing and optimizing our processes, we have already been able to achieve remarkable targets when it comes down to energy consumption.