Martinrea Honsel quality for the highest aspirations

Low weight, good heat conductivity, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, decorative attributes,... there are many reasons for manufacturing components in aluminium. But the reasons for choosing Martinrea Honsel as your partner are simpler: The products must satisfy the highest aspirations.

Whilst its low weight is at the forefront above all in automotive, other industry segments exploit the many other outstanding characteristics of aluminium and its alloys specifically. So it’s no wonder that components and semi-finished products from Martinrea Honsel are appreciated in countless applications across the world. We master a bandwidth of manufacturing processes that enable us to bring aluminium into almost any conceivable form. System and machine parts, cosmetic packaging, sheet metals for suitcases, cast, rolled, punched, bent, milled, jointed. But what solutions from Martinrea Honsel always have in common is our aspiration for the highest possible quality.