Shock Tower

Design and function in light engineering

The body-in-white offers lots of room for innovative light metal solutions. Because, with approximately 40 percent of total vehicle weight, the potential for weight savings in the body-in-white is especially great.

The body-in-white is not only the main design element of a vehicle. It also takes over key functions, for example in crash safety. Because, despite the maximum possible stiffness, the body-in-white should deform in an accident so much that as much impact energy as possible is absorbed and the occupants are protected effectively against injury. Like with suspension, we exploit our process portfolio in full to realize lightweight bodywork with optimum characteristics.

We put our innovative power to the test at an early stage. Today we bring more than one hundred years of experience in processing light metals with us in order to permit design and function at the lowest possible weight in the body-in-white, too.