Bus Transmission Housing


Truck Transmission Housing

Transmission housings – light allrounders

Transmission housings are real allrounders. They translate the ever higher torques of modern engines, they operate with low consumption, do not burden the environment and at the same time guarantee drive dynamic and ride comfort. The very different start-up and transmission concepts are a further challenge that transmission developers are realizing in the tightest of spaces and at the lowest possible weight. Martinrea Honsel supports developers of car and truck transmissions from the very outset.

Our engineers in the transmission development unit assist our customers from the initial product idea onward. With materials and manufacturing know-how, numeric simulation methods, test series and sound knowledge in the design of transmissions, we can realize even the most complex geometries, such as hydraulic control components in light metal casting. We produce housings for automatic car transmissions with a piece weight of approximately five kilograms in exactly the same way as transmissions for heavy trucks, which come off our high-pressure die casting lines minute by minute with a piece weight of a good 40 kilograms. Whether car, bus or truck, we are the perfect partner for developing modern transmissions that are true allrounders and light, too.