Making the most of it – high-strength components in sand and permanent mould casting

When it’s about heavily loaded components with complex geometries, sand and permanent mould casting are the preferred choice. Especially fine microstructures, excellent mechanical properties and all the freedom needed in the design of the components: When it comes down to it, the advantages of sand and permanent mould fully compensate for the longer cycle time when compared to die casting.

As one of only few light metals processors, we at Martinrea Honsel master casting in sand moulds as well as permanent mould casting. So we are ideally positioned for small series in the premium segment and for large series in the volume markets. And our performance stands comparison. We realize water cooling jackets in cylinder heads with wall thicknesses of maximum 2.5 mm. And that with process certainty, which we prove by testing 100% of parts under water pressure.

Our engineers and developers define the alloy and the casting method. Sand casting under gravity or low pressure, gravity permanent mould casting, also in the form of tip casting, the demands on the component define the process. In development we work with engineering and simulation tools established on the market. With many years of experience, we come up with prototypes in the shortest of times and define the process parameters. At the end of the control loop consisting of FEM analysis, casting simulation and CAD development stands an optimized component that will fit in the installation space, meets all the mechanical requirements and can be cast with process certainty. And if necessary we also go down routes outside the standards. For example, with operation of water-cooled steel spindles within the sand package to maximize local strengths in the material.

Like in all other manufacturing areas, Martinrea Honsel offers a high manufacturing depth in sand and permanent mould casting. At the customer’s request, we take over the milling down to final dimensions and assembly of modules at our sites and then deliver them ready-to-install to the line.

To make the most of it.