Create still more value with increased manufacturing depth

As a leading development partner and series supplier, we already generate significant added value for our customers. Because we bring our entire materials and manufacturing know-how into the cooperation – across the entire bandwidth of our unique technology mix. With machining and assembly we plan to integrate ourselves still deeper into the value chain in the future.

We provide support in engineering castings and rolled products ready for production and have even been known to transfer complete production methods and processes to our customers’ sites.

To get a still bigger share of the value creation process in the future and increase the added value still further for our customers, we are constantly also raising the manufacturing depth for the components and semi-finished products manufactured at Martinrea Honsel. Milling down to final dimensions, bending, jointing, testing, cleaning – the customer need defines the manufacturing depth reached at Martinrea Honsel.

Our deep process know-how guarantees that the components and modules delivered straight to the line also satisfy the tightest tolerances. And that with a 100% good parts ratio. Because by machining here at Martinrea Honsel, we have the possibility to keep reviewing our processes again and again and adjust them where necessary. And by doing so keep getting a little bit better and generate still more value for our customers.