Safer, more powerful, more economical!

An increased need for individual mobility is one of the global megatrends. But more road traffic means a higher burden on the environment. Reduction of CO2 emissions is the dominant issue in the automotive industry: less pollutant emissions with a rising number of vehicles. That is one of the greatest challenges facing the automotive industry. Our contribution: innovative light engineering solutions for modern cars and trucks.

Light engineering in automotive is making a key contribution to reducing fuel consumption and with it CO2emissions. The rule of thumb is simple: 100 kg less vehicle weight means about 0.6 litres less consumption per 100 km. Light engineering in structural design and use of lighter materials offer enormous potential throughout a vehicle. Engine, transmission, body-in-white – weight can be saved in all parts of a vehicle. And that is urgently needed, because ever more comfort and safety systems are tending to make vehicles ever heavier, too.

And we have already been able to prove convincingly that light metals solutions can withstand the growing loads in modern vehicles. With the engine block of the Safety Car in Formula One, crankcase housings and cylinder heads for diesel engines with up to 220 bar ignition pressure and more, just as with in-line engines for small cars or transmission housings for buses with 2,000 Nm input torque.

In our core competence fields of engine, transmission, suspension and body-in-white we deliver semi-finished and fully machined components as well as ready-to-install system groups, even direct to the line. For modern cars and commercial vehicles that are safer, more powerful and nonetheless more economical.